Hamptons Eateries Eschew Coleslaw Purity Laws

Offending coleslaw was logged into police evidence
Offending coleslaw was logged into police evidence, Photo: SUSANSAM/iStock/Thinkstock

Several local restaurants were raided in a police sting operation last Saturday after it was discovered that they were serving coleslaw with unauthorized ingredients.

The East End of Long Island enforces a Coleslaw Purity Law that decrees coleslaw must contain only cabbage, carrot, onion, horseradish, mayonnaise and a small amount of milk and vinegar—plus seasonings. A food provider that deviates from this strict recipe can incur severe penalties, including steep fines and/or forced closure of his/her restaurant.

The Hamptons Police, working undercover, discovered that a substantial number of restaurateurs were adulterating their coleslaw with pineapple—a corruption of the legal recipe that, while disgusting, is apparently quite common in Midwestern areas where coleslaw laws are not as strict. Other dining establishments were trying to pass off coleslaws containing marshmallows—deemed an “abomination” under the Purity Law.

One take-out fish joint was even putting bleu cheese dressing in their slaw. (It was shut down immediately.) According to Hamptons Police spokesman Larry Hirsch, the police believe that they have now eradicated the problem of errant slaw on the East End, but are asking citizens to be vigilant.

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