Revenge’s Grayson Manor Built in The Sims 4

Our favorite master house builder in The Sims 4 video game, BSimBuilder, has created his third iconic home from ABC’s television universe. This time, the virtual architect and contractor tackled Grayson Manor, the most formidable home in ABC’s Revenge.

Though Revenge concluded its run after Season 4, the show remains a favorite for many fans, including Dan’s Papers’ own Revenge aficionado, Lee Meyer. And Grayson Manor is the mother of all houses in the show’s version of the Hamptons—which is actually Wilmington, North Carolina.

Grayson Manor's foyer on Revenge and in The Sims 4
Photos: ABC, BSimBuilder

In this video, BSimBuilder demonstrates, step by step, how he brought Grayson Manor to life using the Sims 4 house building program. Watch and see his spot-on interpretations of the various rooms, including Conrad Grayson’s famous office, the home’s grand foyer and the living room where so many evil Grayson plans were hatched. Queen of mean Victoria Grayson’s chair can even be seen in its prominent position facing two couches, where the rest of her family would sit.

Conrad Grayson's office in Revenge and The Sims 4
Photo: ABC, BSimBuilder

The house even includes Victoria’s tower, the pool and Grayson Manor’s waterfront landscaping. Too bad the house fell into the hands of the Graysons’ greatest enemy, Emily Thorne aka Amanda Clarke, and Victoria had to burn it down before Revenge was finished. What a pity.

BSimBuilder has also recreated Emily Thorne’s beach house and, moving to another ABC program, Richard Castle’s Hamptons home from the hit show Castle.

“I have been wanting to build this house for so long…” BSimBuilder writes in his YouTube post.

Another angle of Grayson Manor's foyer on Revenge and in The Sims 4
Photo: ABC, BSimBuilder

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