Montauk Chefs Dish on Local Eats

Chef Jason Kallert of The Beach Club at Gurney's Montauk.
Chef Jason Kallert of The Beach Club at Gurney's Montauk. Photo credit: Daniel Gonzalez

Eat your way around The End! Montauk is home to some of the freshest seafood, local ingredients, and world class chefs. Though many restaurants change their hours in the off-season, there’s still time to enjoy all that Montauk has to offer in the way of culinary creations. Here, local chefs dish on what makes a great meal:

One food or dish that everyone should try at least once in life:

True Texas BBQ—Jason Kallert, Tillie’s at Gurney’s Montauk
290 Old Montauk Highway, 631-668-2345,

Local, in-season soft shell crabs. Maybe that’s because they are in season today and they are all that’s on my mind.—Todd Mitgang, South Edison
17 South Edison Street, 631-668-4200,

Steamed or broiled lobster at Gosman’s. Putting on a lobster bib and having at it.—David Piacente, Gosman’s
500 West Lake Drive, 631-668-5330,

Montauk Fluke Cuit á la Vapeur.—Ron Duprat, Montauk Yacht Club
32 Star Island Road, 631-668-3100,

Westlake’s Fluke Ceviche—Larry Kolar, Westlake Fish House
352 West Lake Drive, 631-668-3474,

What is the best pairing of food and Long Island libations?

Long Island beer with fried clams; Long Island wine with lobster—Jason Kallert, Tillie’s at Gurney’s Montauk

Blue Point Toasted Lager and a raw bar, yes please! Especially Montauk Pearl Oysters. Wölffer Cabernet Franc with South Edison’s tuna entree. Seared tuna with harissa spiked cauliflower puree.—Todd Mitgang, South Edison

A North Fork Sauvignon Blanc and anything from our waters, simply grilled with a squirt of lemon, drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and fresh thyme.—Larry Kolar, Westlake Fish House

Favorite East End-inspired meal?

The warm sushi at ENE [East by Northeast]—Jason Kallert, Tillie’s at Gurney’s Montauk

An individual clam bake like the one we do at South Edison.—Todd Mitgang, South Edison

Homemade pasta with heirloom tomatoes, eggplant and chilies. All from my own garden.—David Piacente, Gosman’s

The watermelon martini—Ron Duprat, Montauk Yacht Club

Grilled fish with local vegetables—Larry Kolar, Westlake Fish House

What is your favorite local ingredient to incorporate in your dishes?

The fresh seafood—Jason Kallert, Tillie’s at Gurney’s Montauk

Amber Waves Farms Heirloom Tomatoes.—Todd Mitgang, South Edison

Tough tie. Local blackfish and baby snappers in the fall, local squid in the spring.—David Piacente, Gosman’s

The vegetables—Ron Duprat, Montauk Yacht Club

What is your favorite aspect of being part of the culinary culture on the East End?

Getting to work with all of the locals and listening to all of their stories over the years—Jason Kallert, Tillie’s at Gurney’s Montauk

Being challenged and inspired with what swims in and grows on the East End.—Todd Mitgang, South Edison

The ambience—Ron Duprat, Montauk Yacht Club

When you hear the word “local,” what comes to mind?

Ocean—Jason Kallert, Tillie’s at Gurney’s Montauk

Balsam Farms, Amber Waves Farms, Little Anthony—Todd Mitgang, South Edison

Local to me means people. People who went through the Montauk and East Hampton school systems. There are a lot of
almost locals.—David Piacente, Gosman’s

The food and the bars—Ron Duprat, Montauk Yacht Club

Where do you find inspiration, inside and outside the kitchen?

From good people—Jason Kallert, Tillie’s at Gurney’s Montauk

I find inspiration talking to my vendors, shopping at the farmers market, and by eating out.—Todd Mitgang, South Edison

Through traveling and staging.—David Piacente, Gosman’s

My clientele and my loyal fans.—Ron Duprat, Montauk Yacht Club

Nature—Larry Kolar, Westlake Fish House

A great meal always begins with…

Good company—Jason Kallert, Tillie’s at Gurney’s Montauk

Great company—Todd Mitgang, South Edison

Family and friends always start a great meal.—David Piacente, Gosman’s

My truly in the next chair—Ron Duprat, Montauk Yacht Club

Favorite people to enjoy it with—Larry Kolar, Westlake Fish House

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