Police Arrest Protestors in Montauk After Human Chain Halts Army Corps Project

The Army Corps break ground in Montauk
The Army Corps break ground in Montauk, Photo: Video still, James Katsipis

At least 22 protestors formed a human chain on the beach in Montauk Friday morning to stop excavators and other equipment that are conducting the Army Corps of Engineers downtown Montauk stabilization project there, and a few were arrested. Protestors are concerned the project is destroying the beach and Montauk, not saving them.

After speaking out at an East Hampton Town Board meeting Thursday evening, one of the protest organizers, photographer James Katsipis, wrote on social media, “The town said that ‘their hands are tied’ so we will do the same and tomorrow morning at 6:30am we will tie our hands together and form a human chain to stop the work of the Army Core. Come down join hands show your support and show East Hampton Town WE DO NOT WANT THIS IN OUR TOWN! HELP ME STOP THE DESTRUCTION OF MONTAUK! Where is all my support people! Wake up! Everyone claims Montauk so hard except when it comes to actually doing anything…”

Friday morning, while hand-cuffed in police custody, Katsipis vowed on camera, “We’ve got to stop the Army Corps! No matter what it takes, we’re going to stop them.” Watch the video below.


A photo posted by James Katsipis (@letstaukgrams) on

STOP THE ARMY CORE! SAVEMONTAUK! #jailbird #defendmontauk #preservemontauk

A video posted by James Katsipis (@letstaukgrams) on

REPOST and show how the Army Corp is destroying our beaches!! Montauk will never be the same. They are building boardwalks all over the dunes and putting "Eco" bags into the beaches from there all the way past The Atlantic Terrace. SHAME ON YOU if you supported the destruction and denaturalization of our PUBLIC beaches. Just wait till the first storm comes and washes all the sand off the bags. Guess who has to pay the bill to replenish the sand. WE DO! They lied and said this was a emergency from Sandy…. Remember Sandy?! Yeah. Liars and thieves. Someone's wallet is getting fat right now. And our natural beaches are forever changed/destroyed. Army Corp. You are a disgrace…. We need HELP! @patagonia @patagoniabowery @patagonia_surf @patagonianyc @surfrider @surfridernyc @surfridereasternlongisland @easternsurfmag @surfer_magazine @surfingmagazine @sixmagazine @whalebonemagazine @surfline @surfersjournal @theinertia #SAVEMONTAUK #kookoftheday

A video posted by James Katsipis (@letstaukgrams) on

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