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Perfect Weather: Why Fight Climate Change?

I was in Westhampton Beach Sunday, an absolutely beautiful sunny day. But about 2 in the afternoon I learned on my cellphone of the terrible news.

192 countries, almost every country on the planet, had just signed off on the “Paris Agreement” climate change pact in Paris leading us down the road to a reversal of this global warming “problem.”

At that hour, the temperature on the beach was 63 degrees. I had suntan lotion on and had just come out to my blanket from the ocean after a swim.

Who do these people think they are? If they succeed in what they are doing, we will lose out on these wonderful December days just before Christmas when we can lie around on the sand, go in for a dip and then maybe get an ice cream cone or play a bit of volleyball or Frisbee.

The announcement of the agreement kind of ruined my day. Anybody care to join me in a protest? This should lead to a march on Washington. Did anybody ask us about this ahead of time? No. We should put a full-page ad in Dan’s Papers. That’s the least we can do.

Let’s meet here at the back of the beach at noon this Saturday. Bring signs.

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