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St. Nicholas Claus Spreads Christmas Joy Worldwide

Hamptons visitor and global celebrity Saint Nicholas Claus managed to once again complete his worldwide Christmas Eve tour, delivering wrapped presents to homes across the planet over Thursday night, December 24. gossip reporters caught Claus, called “Santa” by fans, as he returned to his home in North Pole City just as dawn cracked the horizon this Christmas morning. The exhausted gift-giver was helped from his sleigh by several elves while others led his reindeer back to their barn for some food and much-needed rest.

“It was a heck of a run,” the always jovial Claus chortled as he made his way past our cameras and into the waiting arms of his beloved wife, Mrs. Claus. “We raced against the light and visited homes in 196 countries again this year,” he said, sharing thoughts about his miraculous annual trip. “Now how about those cookies, my dear?”

Claus and his wife trudged through the last stretch of snow before reaching their front door and disappearing inside the warmly lit home—elves scurrying this way and that to attend them.

“Santa likes to have some quiet time after the ride,” his spokes-elf Pippy Popplepop said, explaining how Claus begins his stress-free post-season. “The boss enjoys some cookies and milk and then settles down for a long winter’s nap,” Popplepop added.

But it won’t be long until Claus and his elves are all right back to work. “This one night takes more than 300 days of preparation,” Popplepop said. “Santa gets about 60 days to relax before we do it all over again—even the reindeer need to begin training at that time.”

Following a seven-day nap, Claus and Mrs. Claus are headed to Cuba and then Tahiti for some beach time, according to an itinerary tacked to the wall of his now quiet workshop. The couple will then head to Paris, France and Venice, Italy, followed by a brief stop to see family in Germany.

When that’s done, Popplepop said he may visit a producer friend’s estate in Amagansett, “if time allows.”

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