Here’s What Sean Ludwick May Have Read on Google

Sean Ludwick is accused of attempting to skip bail by boat
Sean Ludwick is accused of attempting to skip bail by boat, Photo: Dmitry Berkut/iStock/Thinkstock

New York developer Sean Ludwick was deemed a flight risk and remanded to jail Tuesday after he allegedly tried to skip bail and flee the country by boat before he could be put on trial for what police say was a fatal hit and run DWI that killed his passenger, 53-year-old Paul Hansen, on August 30, 2015 in Sag Harbor. Ludwick is accused of dumping Hansen’s body out of his Porsche after the crash and leaving him for dead before throwing his friend’s wallet and belongings into the woods.

Before he was taken back into custody, Ludwick, who was out on $1 million bail, had allegedly attempted to buy a large sailboat in Puerto Rico and took sailing lessons as part of what prosecutors are saying was a plan to flee to South America. Ludwick’s attorney, according to reports, said his client was actually buying the boat to enjoy what could be his last days of freedom with his son, but hundreds of Google searches on Ludwick’s phone tell a different story, prosecutors say.

Some of the most widely reported searches and their most relevant Google result are listed below.

[Note: Results are now skewed because stories featuring Ludwick are linked to these terms—those results have been excluded.]

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