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Jimmy Fallon Gives Hillary Clinton a Job Interview for President

Democratic presidential hopeful and Hamptons visitor Hillary Clinton was Jimmy Fallon‘s guest on The Tonight Show Thursday, and they had some fun.

Sagaponack resident Fallon subjected Clinton to a mock job interview for the position of president. He pulled out a clipboard asked such typical job interview questions as, “How did you hear about the position?” and “Are you willing to relocate?”

Watch the segment:

Donald Trump, the Republican frontrunner, was also a guest on The Tonight Show recently, and Fallon subjected Trump to a similiar job interview. Watch that video by clicking here.

Fallon and Clinton also discussed the “coincidence” that she was appearing on The Tonight Show the same night as the Republican presidential debate. Asked about Trump, she said, “He’s a lot more obsessed with me than I am with him.” Watch below.

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