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EH Highway Superintendent Shows the Roads on Facebook

With more scattered snow showers expected tonight (Tuesday, February 9), we thought it’s be a good time to thank the East End’s hard working highway crews and plowers. These are the folks that keep our roads clear and making driving safe—and they’re the ones who tell us, by going out and seeing for themselves, when the roads aren’t safe. Without their help, we’d have no snow days!

A special shoutout goes to East Hampton Town’s Highway Superintendent Stephen Lynch, who not only does his job, but takes the time to do some extra reporting for the community. Lynch and the Highway Department regularly go out into the snow, ice and, as you’ll see, dangerously flooded roads. Lynch then posts photos and the up-to-date info on his personal Facebook page.

Cranberry Hole Road flooded to the center line on Monday morning
Cranberry Hole Road flooded to the center line on Monday morning, Photo: Stephen Lynch

Those in-the-know go to Lynch for what many say are the most reliable weather and road conditions info in East Hampton Village, Amagansett, Springs and Montauk.

Yesterday morning, Lynch shared some pretty compelling pictures showing how bad the flooding gets in Napeague, between Amagansett and Montauk. As a result of northeast wind and high moon tide, he explained, a the frigid bay completely flooded Napeague Meadow Road, all the way across by the railroad tracks. Parts of Cranberry Hole Road were also flooded to the center line—and water levels continued to rise.

Gerard Drive in Springs also completely flooded on Monday morning, and Lynch took pictures there as well.

Gerard Drive also flooded on Monday morning
Gerard Drive also flooded on Monday morning, Photo: Photo: Stephen Lynch

“It goes over top of those routes,” Lynch says of the encroaching water, noting that when things get bad like this, there’s not much to be done but wait for the tide to recede. “We can’t really go down there and hold the bay,” he quipped.

Right now, weather reports are predicting 1–2 inches of snow beginning late tonight into Wednesday morning, with the temperature dropping as low as 27 degrees overnight. Currently, northeast winds are blowing at 6 mph with 16 mph gusts, according to the Accuweather forecast, but they will turn ENE overnight with 9 mph gusts.

Of course, Lynch will be out there driving the streets, so check out his Facebook for more specific local reports (and maybe a few beauty shots, like the one below).

East Hampton Town snow beauty shot
Photo: Stephen Lynch
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