Hamptons Police Department Plans Medical Marijuana Program

Hamptons Police plan to dispense medical marijuana
Hamptons Police plan to dispense medical marijuana, Photo: Pavlo Vakhrushev, Photodisc/Hemera, Photodisc/Thinkstock

On Thursday, the Hamptons Police Department announced plans to start its own medical marijuana cultivation program and dispensary.

Police spokesman Larry Hirsch briefed reporters on the new program:

“The East End has a need for a reliable and consistent source of cannabis for medicinal uses, and we feel that we are especially suitable to become a supplier of this. We are currently pricing out greenhouse systems and expect to receive authorization and begin cultivation before the spring.”

Hirsch also mentioned that police hope to use local inmates, many of whom are quite familiar with the cultivation of marijuana, to do the grunt work on the project, including planting, cutting and bagging duties.

In response to a reporter’s question, Hirsch acknowledged that the Hamptons Police Department already has a substantial quantity of marijuana in storage—the result of drug seizures—but he wasn’t clear if that supply would be tapped to get the dispensary up and running sooner.

“We need to do more testing on that to determine its quality,” Hirsch stated, noting that the department has various strains in evidence, including “Bonac Blowout,” which was recently acquired by a competing medicinal marijuana dispenser. “We’ve got our guys on it.”

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