Hamptons Police Make Medical Marijuana Arrest

Stoney McPuff and his Medical Marijuana Pop-Up
Stoney McPuff and his Medical Marijuana Pop-Up, Photo: dutourdumonde, Camrocker, Hollygraphic/iStock/Thinkstock

The Hamptons Police Department was called to investigate a pop-up medical marijuana dispensary in East Hampton on Friday and took in a suspect for questioning.

Officers were called to the scene after Stoney McPuff, also known as Brad Cannibastro, erected a small kiosk in the Wiborg Beach parking lot, where he began peddling pot brownies and bags of a strain of indica he called “Bonac Blowout” to various residents who had pulled into the lot to check the waves or simply park for 10 minutes with the windows closed.

Upon interrogation, McPuff—who says he earned his nickname in high school for his love of rocks and an uncanny ability to blowout candles—admitted to selling various quantities of marijuana, but “only for medicinal use.” He was not, however, able to produce a permit to distribute such medicine in New York State, or any other state for that matter.

“Our officers issued a citation to Mr. McPuff, I mean Cannibastro,” Hamptons Police spokesman Larry Hirsch said, noting that he expects more “shenanigans like this” thanks to New York’s “bogus” Compassionate Care Act and medicinal marijuana program. “It’s a sad day when an innocent, drug-free individual like Stoney McPuff is sucked into the seedy underworld of grass smoking and dealing because he now perceives it as something legal and OK,” Hirsch said.

Later on Friday, the corporately-funded, luxury medical marijuana dispensary Le Gange applied for a permit to operate on Main Street in East Hampton Village and was quickly approved. Le Gange, which has successful dispensaries in Beverly Hills and Aspen, is expecting to open their new, 3,500-square-foot “flagship” medical marijuana boutique before Memorial Day 2016.

Stoney McPuff has already applied for a management position.

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