Watch: Alec Baldwin Say ‘Charles’ a Lot in ‘The Edge’

Alec Baldwin in "The Edge"
Alec Baldwin in "The Edge"

Some vintage Alec Baldwin is making the rounds online today thanks to YouTuber Jon Stevenson‘s new supercut of the Amagansett actor saying “Charles” in his 1997 film The Edge, costarring Sir Anthony Hopkins as the oft-named character.

Baldwin says “Charles” 16 times within the first 15 minutes of The Edge according to one blogger (qazrazl), whose “Best Movie for a Drinking Game” blog notes that the game where one drinks every time Baldwin says “Charles” can be a dangerous endeavor with all players sure to end up sloppy, sloppy drunk.

The Edge tells the tale of a billionaire intellectual, Charles Morse (Hopkins), a photographer, Robert Green (Baldwin) and the photographer’s assistant Stephen, played by Harold Perrineau, who survive a plane crash deep in the Alaskan wilderness and must work together to survive—all while a bloodthirsty Kodiak bear, played by the famous Bart the Bear, is hunting them.

Lucky for everyone, Charles has a keen memory and near encyclopedic knowledge of wilderness survival—thanks to a book that was recently gifted to him. For his part, Robert makes sure Charles never, ever, ever, ever forgets his own name.

In fact, Baldwin’s character says “Charles” a total of 113 times in the film, most of those while directly addressing the billionaire.

Watch the “Charles” supercut below. And, if you want to see the film, The Edge is currently available streaming on Netflix.

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