Hamptons Pilots Complain About Airport Noise Complaints

Hamptons pilots protested airport noise complaints this week
Hamptons pilots protested airport noise complaints this week, Photo: michaeljung/iStock/Thinkstock

Police were called in to monitor a protest at the Hamptons Airport last Saturday. Pilots, who gathered outside the airport entrance and beyond the front doors inside, staged the protest in response to complaints about noisy aircraft taking off and landing at the airport.

“We’ve had enough of these complaints,” a commercial helicopter pilot cried during the protest. “You think loud helicopters at night are annoying, try listening to people complain about loud helicopters at night,” he added, yelling, “Talk about something that will get on your nerves!”

Marching around the airport grounds and holding picket signs reading, “COMPLAINTS ARE THE REAL AIRPORT NOISE” and “WANT QUIET? KEEP YOUR MOUTHS SHUT!” protestors noted that the airport received hundreds of complaints last summer alone, and they demanded authorities put a stop to the “unbearable complaints.”

“They have it in their power to crack down on all this complaining,” one protestor, who wished to remain anonymous, claimed. “Yet here we are having to hear about people’s objections to aircraft noise,” the protestor continued. “It’s out of control.”

According to the gathered pilots, the pain of complaints doesn’t end when people stop talking. Many attested to having difficulty sleeping at night because they couldn’t stop thinking about all the complaints over aircraft noise. And everyone knows the problems that can occur if a pilot doesn’t get enough sleep.

“These complainers are putting lives at risk,” a young pilot said. “Think about that next time you feel the need to flap your gums over a little airplane noise.”

The protest ended without incident.

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