Montauk Salt Company: The Ocean to Table Movement

Montauk Salt Company
Photo: Courtesy Montauk Salt Company

Montauk Salt Company brings the ocean to your table with salt harvested from the refreshing waters of Ditch Plains Beach. Celebrated by chefs and home cooks for its distinctively pure taste, Montauk Salt is the perfect seasoning for East Enders to have on their tables this summer. Owner Sam Gelin explains why.

What are the origins of Montauk Salt Co.?
Montauk Salt Co. is the brainchild of myself and Danielle Gingerich. Inspiration struck while enjoying a dish of fresh Montauk fluke. I wanted to enhance its flavor with the saltiness from the same waters. With the creation of Montauk Salt Co., we hope to give other Hamptons residents a way to support local business right down to the salt on their tables. Along with the array of farm fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, dairy and meats, Montauk Salt Co. completes the “farm to table, ocean to table” movement in the Hamptons.

How do you craft Montauk Salt by hand? Is there a time of year when you collect the salt?
While other sea salt production processes can leave behind elements such as magnesium, which can create a bitter aftertaste, or introduce anti-caking chemical additives, Montauk Salt Co. sea salt undergoes a unique process of harvesting and distilling. Impurities are removed, creating a salt that tastes as crisp and briny as the Atlantic Ocean. We collected our first few batches of saltwater in the middle of January—in near-freezing water (true story!)—in order to collect the cleanest water possible.

Local restaurants such as Swallow East, Estia’s Little Kitchen and Bell & Anchor are already ordering your salt to use in their kitchens and on their tables. What’s the greatest benefit of choosing Montauk Salt?
Source of origin is very important to us. We want to know where our food comes from. The greatest benefit of using our salt is the fact that you’re supporting locally-sourced food. Not only are you ensuring you’re getting the finest, sustainable, chemical-free ingredients, but you’re also reducing your carbon footprint by avoiding transporting the product from other states or countries. After all, what could be better than enhancing the flavor of your Atlantic-caught fish with salt from the same ocean?

What are some different orders you’ve been getting for your product, besides restaurants?
We’re super excited to be partnering with Montauk Juice Factory this summer. They’re launching a new line of bath soaking salts, and Montauk Salt Co. sea salt will be one of the main ingredients. Stay tuned: this product is launching soon!

What are some of your favorite dishes that feature your salt?
The local Blackened Swordfish with an artichoke puree and citrus salad at Swallow East in Montauk, as well as the Fluke and Tuna Crudos finished with Montauk Salt at Bell & Anchor in Noyac!

What foods have you eaten with your salt today?
I always add Montauk Salt to my morning eggs. It adds great flavor and texture to an otherwise routine dish. And today’s temperature being particularly hot and humid, I actually used some to rim the glass of my margarita—that was fun!

How can people buy Montauk Salt?
You can purchase our sea salt directly through our website at, as well as at local stores including Provisions in Sag Harbor and Left Hand Coffee. Make sure to follow us on Instagram @montauksaltco where we’ll be posting the new stores that will be carrying our salt!

What do you hope for the future of Montauk Salt Co.?
We started with the original flavor, which we feel most accurately depicts the flavors of the Atlantic. We’re very proud of the product that we produce and hope to share it with as many people as possible. We’re also secretly hoping Montauk Brewing Co. lets us create a Summer Ale collaboration using Montauk Salt at some point. We’re very community focused, so we’d love to partner with, and support, as many local businesses as possible.

Find Montauk Salt Company on Facebook or visit for more information and to order salt today.

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