Port Jeff Brewing Company Hoppin’ Around Town

There’s something brewing in the heart of Port Jefferson.

Port Jeff Brewing Company is making a name for itself as the spot to spend a summer evening. It’s no wonder, with their boat bar, wrap-around porches, and weeknight live music. Add to all of this the great price they offer for a full tasting of their brews, and you’ve got yourself a great evening Down Port.

Founder and Port Jeff resident Mike Philbrick had been home-brewing for over a decade before he took the leap and started his own brewery. Philbrick’s love of the beach and boating comes through, not only in the company logo and in the design of the nautical themed tasting room, but also in the names and flavors of his beers.

Beach Beer (4.8% ABV) is a beer designed to get a bit of sand stuck to the can. It’s a lemony, grassy beer, with not too much of the banana flavor that keeps many folks away from a Witbier. Mild, but with a bit of pepper and coriander spice, Beach Beer pairs well with an afternoon in the sun, a day on the water, or a night spent around the bonfire.

For those who are all about the microbrews, Port Jeff Brewing recently teamed up with Brooklyn’s Humboldt & Jackson to create a North American Pale Ale made with locally grown hops. The run is very limited, so move fast.

But, if you’re just looking for one glass to cool yourself down this summer, you can always try their award winning Schooner Pale Ale (6.5% ABV.) Well-balanced, malty, and winner of the 2012 US Open Beer Championship, it’s just the beer you want while lounging on the porch, listening to music on a summer night.

Stop by 22 Mill Creek Road in Port Jefferson, or to find out more.

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