Hillary Clinton to Appear in ‘Faith’ Comic Book

'Faith' cover art
'Faith' cover art by Paolo Rivera/Valiant Entertainment

East End fave/Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is about to become a superhero—sort of.

Independent comics publisher Valiant Entertainment, Inc. has just announced that Clinton will appear in the November issue of their series Faith. The comic is one of Valiant’s most popular books, focusing on the titular Faith, an optimistic, powerful plus-size teenage girl with powers. Faith carries with it a positive message and different take on superheroes, which is why Valiant chose her for this story.

The story, which is one of three that will appear in the issue, will be written by Louise Simonson and illustrated by Pere Perez. Speaking to Washington Post, Faith editor Tom Brennan said, “It’s easy when these things happen that they kind of become sort of like those old Scooby-Doo cartoons where you’re like ‘Don Knotts?’ What are you doing walking down the road at night?’ We don’t want to do that.” Coincidentally, in 1993, Simonson wrote an issue of Superman: Man of Steel in which Clinton and husband/former President Bill Clinton attend the hero’s funeral (the character came back to life shortly afterward).

Valiant debuted in 1990 and shut its doors in 2000 before making a comeback under new ownership and management in 2012. The small but critically acclaimed publisher offers a unique, interesting lineup of comic books, with heroes and stories that aren’t driven by movies and merchandise. The character of Faith was originally created in 1992 and now stars in an ongoing monthly series.

Hillary Clinton will appear in issue 5 of Faith, on sale November 2. For more information, visit valiantentertainment.com.

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