Grindstone Coffee & Donuts Opens in Sag Harbor

Grindstone doughnuts
Doughnuts from Grindstone Coffee & Donuts, Photo: Courtesy Grindstone

Sag Harbor’s Grindstone Coffee & Donuts officially opened its doors this past Monday, August 1.

“We wanted to be open in April,” jokes Kyle Shanahan, the proprietor and brains behind Grindstone’s array of colorful and unique donuts, as well as the stepson of celebrity chef and host of The Chew, Michael Symon.

Since its grand opening, the shop has been swarmed, selling out each day so far between 1 and 3 p.m., going through roughly 2,200 donuts.

“People have been awesome of us selling out here. They’ve all been really supportive and just tell us they’ll try again tomorrow.”

The donut shop prides itself in its artisanal donuts, made from brioche dough—“a very eggy, buttery dough that tastes amazing by itself” explains Shanahan—and deviating from the “classics.”

You won’t find the usual chocolate glazed or jelly donuts here. Instead, Grindstone offers eight different donuts each day, three of which are their staples: the Grindstone Glaze, featuring a honey vanilla glaze; powdered sugar chai spice; and cinnamon sugar.

The remaining batches depend on the day. Specialty donuts, from Nutella glaze to Lemon Poppy Seed and many more, could be on the day’s slate, which is one aspect of Grindstone Coffee & Donuts that makes it unique.

“We do eight batches of dough every day. Because they’re hand-rolled, hand-cut, there’s always variations.”

Grindstone also prides itself on its other specialty, coffee—Four Barrel Coffee, to be specific, a roasting company based in San Francisco with a dedicated cult following.

“Even when we sell out of donuts, we still have awesome coffee here and a whole, expansive espresso menu.”

Still in their first week, Grindstone Coffee & Donuts has high aspirations. They plan on being open year-round, to always steer towards using local ingredients and to change their donut lineup by the season.

“If I could be open ’till midnight, I would be! And by next summer, we will be,” promises Shanahan.

Grindstone Coffee & Donuts is located at 7 Main Street in Sag Harbor, open seven days a week, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. For more information, call 631-808-3370 and visit

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