Hugh Jackman Wraps Final ‘Wolverine’ Film, Shaves Sideburns

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman’s about to have a much easier time styling his hair.

The ripped Aussie actor and frequent Hamptons visitor has finished shooting the latest Wolverine film and took to Twitter to shave the character’s iconic mutton chops. As fans of the X-Men films are likely aware, the new Wolverine is slated to be Jackman’s final performance as the title role, which is worrying for the X-Men film franchise, which has struggled critically and commercially as of late.

The X-Men films, widely considered to have started the comic book film craze, have focused heavily on the popular character from the start. Jackman was first cast as Wolverine in the first X-Men film and shot to stardom, being credited with much of the series’ success. The actor has appeared in a whopping nine movies as the unkillable mutant with retractable claws, including two solo outings that explore the character’s long and tangled backstory.

There’s no word on what’s next for the character of Wolverine. Some have speculated that the role will be recast in a “James Bond” fashion, while some rumors have Wolverine actually dying.

Either way, the video Jackman shave off those crazy sideburns makes for some pretty emotional viewing. Check out the video below.

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