Hamptons Live Music Laws Clarify Buffett Rule

This guy hates the Buffett Rule
This guy hates the Buffett Rule, Photo: Derrick Neill/123RF

As word has spread regarding a rumored Jimmy Buffett musical, the Hamptons Music Council has issued a clarification regarding the so-called Buffett rule.

Part of the East End Live Music Control Act, the Buffett rule states that cover bands playing in the Hamptons are forbidden from playing songs by Jimmy Buffett unless Jimmy Buffett himself is onstage and playing with the band. For the safety of the public, the Hamptons Police are authorized to step in and shut down any venue where the Buffett rule is violated.

Foreseeing that theater companies might use the mounting of a production of a Jimmy Buffett musical as a way to skirt the Buffett rule, the Hamptons Music Council released the following statement: “While in the past the Buffett rule has been understood as pertaining to cover bands playing in nightclubs and bars, theater companies should be aware that the Buffett rule shall apply in all Hamptons venues. Any theater company that wishes to stage a Jimmy Buffett musical in the Hamptons shall be required to provide Jimmy Buffett himself for any and all performances. There will be no exceptions to this valuable public safety measure.”

East End Live Music Control Act, which includes rules put in place over the last year giving officials tighter control of live music across the region. Various covers and acts such as flagrant guitar solos have been banned or limited in local venues, much to the consternation of certain local musicians.

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