Alec Baldwin in Second Howard Hughes Film: ‘Rules Don’t Apply’

Alec Baldwin in "Rules Don't Apply"
Alec Baldwin in "Rules Don't Apply," Photo: Still from 20th Century Fox trailer

Amagansett’s Alec Baldwin is in another film about aviator and film producer Howard Hughes. He played Juan Trippe in Martin Scorsese‘s 2004 Hughes biopic The Aviator, and now he plays Bob Maheu, Hughes’ chief executive of Nevada operations, in Warren Beatty’s new film Rules Don’t Apply, opening in theaters everywhere on Wednesday, November 23.

Set in 1958 Hollywood, Rules Don’t Apply tells the story of an aspiring starlet, Marla Mabrey (Lily Collins), and her ambitious young driver, Frank Forbes(Alden Ehrenreich), who struggle with the absurd eccentricities of their boss, the completely unpredictable billionaire Howard Hughes (Warren Beatty). Mabrey is a small town beauty queen, songwriter and devout Baptist virgin who is under contract to Hughes. When she arrives at the Los Angeles airport, she meets her driver, Forbes, a deeply religious Methodist who is engaged to marry his 7th grade sweetheart. The two are instantly attracted to each other, which tests their religious convictions and defies Hughes’ biggest rule—no employee is permitted to have any kind of relationship with a contract actress. Hughes’ behavior intersects with Marla and Frank in different and unexpected ways, and as they go deeper into their boss’s crazy world, their values are challenged and their lives change.

Baldwin’s character, Maheu, worked for the FBI and as a counter-intelligence officer in Europe during World War II, and then started his own business as a consultant and investigator. Hughes first hired him in 1955 to investigate a suspected suitor of his fiancee Jean Peters. He worked closely with Hughes but never met him face to face.

Watch the official trailer for Rules Don’t Apply below.

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