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Trump Blasts Alec Baldwin’s Return to SNL – Again

Amagansett’s Alec Baldwin reprised his role as Donald Trump in his first post-election appearance on Saturday Night Live over the weekend, and the President-elect still doesn’t like it.

In Saturday’s cold open skit, Baldwin portrayed a Trump who’s completely unprepared for office and unable to actually make good on his many campaign promises. Kate McKinnon, who played Hillary Clinton opposite Baldwin in cold opens skits during the campaign, was also back—but this time as Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway. Beloved SNL alum Jason Sudeikis also made a surprise appearance, reprising his role as Mitt Romney, who met with Trump during his cabinet selection interviews last week.

Alec Baldwin and Jason Sudeikis as Trump and Romney on SNL
Alec Baldwin and Jason Sudeikis as Trump and Romney on SNL, Photo: Will Heath/NBC

The skit showed Trump struggling to formulate his “secret plan” to defeat ISIS, and realizing the real cost and logistical issues involved with building his promised wall across the Mexican border, as well as the problems he’ll have repealing Obamacare, deporting millions of illegal immigrants and giving jobs to all the Americans who voted for him. Throughout the skit, McKinnon’s Conway reveals her guilt and shame for getting Trump elected, and Beck Bennett‘s Mike Pence demonstrates his awareness that, as the only one on the ticket with real experience in politics, he’ll be doing all the actual work governing the country.

Alec Baldwin and KateMcKinnon as Trump and Conway on SNL
Alec Baldwin and KateMcKinnon as Trump and Conway on SNL, Photo: Will Heath/NBC

Once again, Trump couldn’t help but share his disapproval via Twitter—something many expected might stop after he became President-elect:

But this time Baldwin had plenty to say in response, including probably the most important point:

One Twitter user, Cliff DesPeaux, added what many must be thinking:


See more of Baldwin’s tweets to Trump and people’s responses here.

Watch the SNL skit below.

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