Rogue Officers Seek Plans for Hamptons Super McMansion

mcmansion rogue one
Photo: Bettina Blass, tsuneo/123RF

A small group of elite Hamptons Police Department officers defied Hamptons Municipal Board orders and set off on a rogue mission to steal plans for a new “super mcmansion” currently being built in Southampton Township.

Over police radio channels, the team, including Greek-born super mansion architect Achillios Ouzo’s daughter, Jen Ouzo, said they would destroy this Mcmansion before it blocks out both bay and ocean vistas, damages dunes, sprawls over farmland, overloads sewer systems and threatens the future of all Hamptons homeowners, should this become a trend. And the blueprints will make that task possible.

Ouzo’s daughter appears to be the ringleader of this unsanctioned operation,” Hamptons Police Department spokesman Larry Hirsch said Friday, noting that the group is operating in a stolen police emergency vehicle. “It seems she feels somehow responsible for this unprecedented superhouse.”

Some are saying this scrappy band of officers could be successful “if they make 10 men feel like 100,” according to Hirsch. But a shady group of mcmansion advocates are doing everything in their power to stop them.

“We’ll just have to see how this turns out,” Hirsch continued, noting, “A lot of people could be upset if we spoil this story before they’ve had a chance to experience it for themselves.”

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