Peek a Boo, Lee Zeldin – We See You: Why Won’t You Come to Southampton, Really?

We see you, Lee Zeldin
We see you, Lee Zeldin, Photo: radub85, Daniil Peshkov/123RF

Mr. Lee Zeldin has cancelled a scheduled town hall meeting at Rogers Memorial Library in Southampton for April 13. The reason, his communications director explained in a press release, is that protesters “just this past weekend chose reprehensible tactics to harass attendees at an event the Congressman was at, including banging on the sides of the cars driving by and jumping in front of cars to stop them. Requiring a police presence just to get cars through into a venue does not reflect well or help their cause.”

Having not been there, I cannot say for sure if that was the case. But The Long Island Advance covered the event and did not report anything like that. Then I got an email from one of the founders of the protest there at Sunset Harbor in East Patchogue, Cindy Morris. She said that about 200 people attended, carrying signs, all had been asked to remain peaceful, she saw nothing but peaceful protesting and various videos failed to show any violence. Furthermore, no police were called in to restore order. Cindy herself, as a precautionary measure, said she had ahead of time called Anthony Callandrillo, who is COPE sergeant at the 5th precinct at Suffolk County Police Headquarters, and asked him to send some police down there to assure the rights of the protesters. He did. The police report shows no arrests.

Mr. Zeldin, a Republican who is our 1st District Representative in Congress, was at Sunset Harbor to receive the “Man of the Year” award from the Rotary Club of Shirley and the Mastics. Is this Man of the Year is now making things up to keep from meeting and taking questions from those in Southampton who pay his salary by making up something that apparently never happened in East Patchogue?

Now where did he learn how to do that?

Come out, come out, wherever you are.

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