Lee Zeldin Sends Out New Detailed Legislative Survey

Congressman Lee Zeldin
Congressman Lee Zeldin

Congressman Lee Zeldin (R, NY-1) sent out a new online legislative survey to constituents on Monday, which asks people to share their views on a variety of issues, such as health care, the national debt, federal tax code, defense spending, cost of education, the opioid epidemic, gun control and more. In his accompanying message, Zeldin makes clear his intentions to work beyond partisan politics if it’s in the best interest of the New York and the country.

“In Congress, I have always been willing to work with absolutely anyone to move our community, state and nation forward,” Zeldin writes, adding, “There is so much work ahead, and as your Representative, it is so important that I hear directly from you about your position on the important issues facing our country.”

He then provides a link to the latest online legislative survey, which was released Monday morning, March 27. The survey asks 20 questions with multiple choice answers, including some that are open to write in one’s own answer. The questions, which can be accessed here, are as follows:

1. What do you believe should be Congress’ top priority to improve job creation and the economy?

2. Do you believe that the current federal tax code helps or hurts job creation and the economy?

3. When a large bank or financial institution goes broke, should the U.S. taxpayer bail it out? This is commonly referred to as “too big to fail.”

4. What are the most important transportation issues facing Long Island residents?

5. Do you support President Trump’s call for a $1 trillion infrastructure package composed of tax dollars, tax credits, and private capital?

6. What do you believe is the most important need surrounding higher education?

7. Do you believe public institutions of higher education should be at zero tuition cost to the student?

8. What should be done with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), otherwise known as Obamacare?

9. Which specific environmental issues do you prioritize highest in 2017?

10. What should Congress prioritize in terms of funding: national defense or domestic spending programs?

11. Later this year, the national debt ceiling will be reached, which is the credit limit on our $20 trillion national debt. Do you think the limit should be raised with no other stipulations, do you believe that it should be paired with a serious plan for significant fiscal reform, or do you believe that it should not be raised at all, which would result in default?

12. Do you place a higher priority on gun control or protecting 2nd Amendment rights?

13. What do you think is the biggest issue facing our nation’s veterans?

14. What should be our highest priority to improve in order to combat the rising heroin and opioid abuse epidemic?

15. Do you believe our country is on the right track or wrong track?

16. Do you approve of the job that President Trump is doing?

17. Do you believe that our country needs to do more to better secure our physical border with Mexico?

18. Do you support President Trump’s Executive Order to temporarily halt the influx of refugees from Iran, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and Libya?

19. Do you approve of the job I am doing in Congress?

20. Which issues are most important to you?

The survey concludes with a space for “other questions, priorities of yours, or other feedback you are interested in sharing.”

It appears Zeldin is making an effort to hear what his constituents want from him in Congress, and this is an important time to make your voice heard.

Follow the link to take the survey: zeldin.house.gov/2017-detailed-legislative-survey

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