Lie vs. Lie: How to Stop Donald Trump from Making Things Up

Lies cartoon by Mickey Paraskevas
Cartoon by Mickey Paraskevas

Donald Trump tells one lie after another. When his lie is called out, he follows it up with a bigger lie. When he is challenged about that, off he goes again with an even bigger whopper. And then he says his opponents are just crybabies issuing “fake news.”

The result is that all the Democrats and many Republicans don’t know what to do, and a hard core of constituents believe where there is smoke there is fire and cheer Trump on. That our president gets away with this puts a shiver through many American citizens, as well as all of the world’s leaders, both friend and foe.

I have come to the conclusion that there is a way to put an end to his doing this. What we need is a credible Democratic leader to respond to every outrageous lie the man makes with another outrageous lie.

Let me give you an example.

Trump says no member of his entourage ever held talks with the Russians before he became president. A lie. There are at least five members of his entourage who did so. All have admitted to doing so. And we know Russia meddled with the American election.

In response, Trump says that during the campaign, the phones at Trump Tower were bugged by Barack Obama. After Trump fails to offer any proof this happened, he claims Obama did it with the help of the British Secret Service. But he offers no proof of that, either.

Officials in the FBI, the CIA, Britain and Homeland Security issue denials. His hardcore supporters say Ah ha, a cover-up.

In between these three lies, what should have happened was either Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer getting up to announce more lies.

After the first lie, the claim that nobody ever talked to the Russians, Chuck Schumer should have called a press conference to announce that WikiLeaks discovered an email, since deleted, of Mr. Trump contacting the President of North Korea. There’s no trace of what the emails said, but whoever deleted the body copy at first forgot to delete the “subject” line, which read WAYS TO IMPROVE NUCLEAR MISSILE ACCURACY. How do we know this? The person who forgot to delete it, knowing he would be fired, took a screen shot of his mistake just before a second person came along and deleted it. But now both have disappeared.

After the second lie, which was that Barack Obama bugged Trump Tower, it should have been followed by Nancy Pelosi getting up and claiming that members of Trump’s team, now fired, in searching for the elusive Obama bug, discovered a dungeon in the basement of Trump Tower where Hispanic employees of the Trump organization were brought for “re-education” after misbehaving. The whips and chains have since been removed in a “basement cleanup” and so are not there anymore. But Mrs. Pelosi found a pair of handcuffs in her mailbox—with the word TRUMP TOWER engraved on them.

The response to the third lie, that Obama’s bugging operation was put into place by the British Secret Service, should have been followed by private citizen Barack Obama stating he was told by a high authority—an African-American cleaning lady—that Trump’s newly opened Trump International Hotel in Washington is aswarm with thousands of bedbugs, but the staff was ordered to issue denials, even though the bugs are being removed hourly by unmarked garbage trucks every day. It’s hoped the removals will exceed the reproductive ability of the remaining bedbugs “soon.”

I could go on and on. I have lots more lies, including if a new lie comes out about Forbes magazine being inaccurate in rating him as just a small-time billionaire (he’s much, much richer), it will be revealed that Forbes held back because they have determined the rest of his holdings are in Russia and they thought he would not want that known.

But it all has to come from high officials in Washington, so me telling anybody these lies won’t do any good.

As for Barack Obama not being born in America, we now know that back in the 1950s, Trump’s father once made a quiet cash donation to the American Nazi Party. Thank you for that, Bernie Sanders.

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