Hamptons Police Respond to SUV at Sea in North Sea

SUV at sea
SUV at sea, Photo: Sittipong Rujikiatkajorn/123RF

The strange spectacle of an SUV in the water off of Noyac and North Sea on Thursday morning, a sight that mystified authorities, was partly explained on Saturday after Hamptons Police Department officers were able to locate the owner of the vehicle.

Lyndon Zoig, to whom the vehicle is registered, explained to authorities that he had recently purchased the SUV, and that the previous owner had represented to him that it was equipped with a flotation system.

“He paid a substantial premium to the previous owner thinking that this SUV could double as a boat,” Hamptons Police spokesman Larry Hirsch explained. “Of course, he discovered the deception as soon as he got a few yards out into Noyac Bay.”

Mr. Zoig had been able to swim to shore, but did not contact authorities right away because, according to police, he was embarrassed about having been so gullible.

“Turns out he’ll be taking the ferry to Shelter Island like the rest of us,” Hirsch quipped.

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