Neil deGrasse Tyson Names Beyoncé’s Twins – So Did We

Neil de Grasse Tyson, Beyoncé
Neil de Grasse Tyson, Beyoncé, Photo: ©PATRICKMCMULLAN.COM

If you’re working on names for your kids, why not get advice from one of the planet’s most brilliant minds?

East Hampton resident, author and world renowned astrophysicist, cosmologist and science communicator Neil deGrasse Tyson put his genius to good use on Thursday night when he produced a list of 15 pairs of baby names for Hamptons fans Beyoncé and Jay-Z‘s twin progeny, who are likely due some time next month. It should come as no surprise that the names were all related in some way to Tyson’s preferred sciences.

We’ve shared the complete list below with notes for those people who don’t have PhDs in astrophysics. You can see the original list on the App here.

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Among the names—which he also posted in individual tweets @neiltysonwere Quinn & Tessence, Aster & Roid, Crescent & Gibbous, Spirit & Opportunity (for NASA‘s Mars rovers), Zenith & Nadir, Oblate & Prolate, Perigee & Apogee, Elgenubi & Eschamali (the brightest stars in the Libra constellation), Kuiper & Oort (comet repositories), Ida & Dactyl (first asteroid known with a moon), Castor & Pollux (Gemini twins—and, we’ll add, the brothers in John Woo‘s classic, 1997 Nick Cage/John Travolta film Face/Off), Dawn & Dusk, Terra & Luna, and Phobos & Deimos (the moons of Mars). He also added a trio of pairs for his sixth entry on the list: “Up” & “Down”; “Top” & “Bottom”; “Strange” & “Charmed,” which are, Tyson says, “Name pairs for the three known Quark families.”

Since we love a good game and can’t help getting in on the action, we’re sharing our top 10 pairs of twin names below—all East End related, of course.

Ham & Ton – If you need an explanation for this, find another website.

Peconic & Bae – See explanation above (though we could also use the spelling for Beyoncé’s nickname, “Bey,” instead of “Bae.”

Montauk & Orient – The most eastern tips of the Twin Forks.

Hampton & NoFo – Or should we take a page from the Kardashian/West family and go with Hampton & North?

Hedge & Ro – We can really get behind these names.

Maidstone & Devon – Exclusive clubs for exclusive babies.

Spud & Cobb – In celebration of our agrarian bounty.

Fisher & Hunter – For sport and a way of life, for some.

Parrish & Art – After a local cultural institution.

Cooper & Mecox – In honor of two popular Southampton Village and Town beaches.

Show us your best East End related Beyonce twin baby names in the comments below or, better yet, on Facebook and Twitter. Use #hamptonbeys.

Neil de Grasse Tyson's list of Beyonce's twin baby names
Neil de Grasse Tyson’s list of Beyonce’s twin baby names from the App

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