Amy Schumer’s ‘Snatched’ Opens May 12 for Mother’s Day

Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer in the "Snatched" trailer
Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer in the "Snatched" trailer

Hamptons visitor and former Long Islander Amy Schumer is delivering what appears to be a hilarious present for Mother’s Day next week: her new film Snatched! Two tickets to this wild mother-daughter action-packed comedy, costarring Goldie Hawn, could be the perfect gift for an unconventional mom—one that prefers big laughs and bawdy humor over flowers and chocolate.

Directed by Jonathan Levine, the film’s story centers on a young woman named Emily, played by Schumer, who decides to take her mother Linda, Hawn, on the exotic vacation that was intended for her (now ex) boyfriend. Once they arrive in Ecuador, the  mother and daughter’s polar opposite personalities lead them to butt heads. Emily is seeking fun and adventure while her mother is just trying to survive this foreign land. The only thing that could possibly help them see eye-to-eye and strengthen their relationship is, of course, being kidnapped. They’ll have to put their differences aside and work together to escape their captors and navigate the dense jungle if they’re ever going to make it back home.

This raunchy, R-rated comedy is sure to have you and your mom laughing all night long. Snatched premieres Friday, May 12—just in time for Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 14.

Watch the trailer here:

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