Hamptons Beach & Beauty Trends for Summer 2017

One-piece swimwear with cutouts is hot for summer 2017
One-piece swimwear with cutouts is hot for summer 2017, Photo: avesun/123RF

The Hamptons is so much more than a string of beach towns. The sand serves as a runway, and the latest fashion and beauty trends are always on display. On and off the beach you can expect to see a variety of colors, patterns and throwbacks from other eras.

From Club Monaco to Gurney’s Fashion Collective, Figue to Copious Row Beach, these are the trends they’ll be selling, and you’ll be seeing, in the Hamptons this summer.

All Natural
If you were never a fan of getting all dolled up with makeup, you’re already ahead of the pack. The no-makeup look is currently having a moment, and it’s sure to last through the summer. It’s all about the dewy look this summer, so leave the heavy foundation and bronzer at home. This is not only a hot trend, but it makes dealing with the humidity that comes with a summer in the Hamptons so much easier: A low maintenance look that’s seriously practical, and looks fresh and youthful. This also goes for hair. Forget adding more heat with styling tools, let your hair breathe and flow, using a little bit of product to make sure it stays in place. Au Natural!

The One Piece Is Back! (With a twist)
Bikinis have been the end-all be-all of women’s swimwear for some time. Last year we saw a curve in a new direction with the high-waisted bottoms; this year it’s the full-on one-piece bathing suits stealing the show. But this isn’t your typical one-piece. You’ll be seeing cut-outs and low backs to bring a sexy, edgy look. These cuts are super flattering and easily transferable through different sizes and ages.

All About Floral
The bohemian look has been making a come back, and floral is huge in this. You’ll be seeing this from cover-ups to maxi dresses—floral with flow. This creates a dramatic look in an ocean breeze and makes for some beautiful photo-ops. This is bringing back the ’60s, which is no surprise considering the rise of music festivals, such as Coachella, channeling hippie culture. It seems that the style of that era has also come back, with soft lines and beautiful prints.

Neutrals are out, and bright colors are in. From lipstick to nail polish to bathing suits and clothing: the trend is to stand out. This is giving a nod to the ’80s (we all remember that bright pink spandex). But it’s slightly more chic this time around. Neon bathing suits and lipsticks add pop and turn heads on the beach.

Striping it Down
Stripes are nothing new in the Hamptons. This is a great way to get in on a trend that feels classic, and is also flattering to all different body types. Combine it with the bright colors trend, and you have a look that’s classic and bold.

Giving you the Cold Shoulder
The bare shoulder has a way of feeling dressed up and down at the same time. Not a fan of tank tops, and T-shirts are out of the question? This option that lets you stay cool, and look cool, when you’re out and about.

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