Best of Hamptons Instagram: @overheardeasthampton

A quote from @overheardeasthampton on Instagram
A quote from @overheardeasthampton on Instagram

Every once in a while someone creates something outside the box and full of Hamptons fun on social media. Remember when East Hampton Idiot Spotter made a splash back in 2013? This we’re we’re getting a kick out of @overheardeasthampton on Instagram. Created on May 29, the account appears to be a recent offshoot of @overhearduppereastside (created in March) and it simply offers various quotes actually overheard, or possibly made up for laughs, from our Hamptons visitors—especially the share house, LIRR weekend crowd.

Imagine the cast of Bravo’s Summer House saying things like, “I can’t find my unicorn float,” and you’ll get the idea. Where else but in a Hamptons share house would one hear such a thing? OK, maybe in the Dan’s Papers newsroom, but people send us some strange things during the high season.

Give @overheardeasthampton a follow—they only have 233 followers as of today, June 12, 2017. Let’s see if this thing takes off and gets even funnier as summer progresses, or if it dies a sad, unfunny death by J4 weekend. We’re hoping for the former, but it’ll be fun to watch either way.

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