Who’s Here: Danielle, Hamptons Social Media Butterfly

Be a Hamptons insider with Danielle at DanielleHamptons.comBe a Hamptons insider with Danielle at DanielleHamptons.com
Be a Hamptons insider with Danielle at DanielleHamptons.com

July Fourth weekend heralds the arrival of summer in full swing here in the Hamptons, the arrival of countless parties and events, and, this year, the arrival of Danielle, the newest member of the Dan’s family. The consummate Hamptons insider, Danielle is now officially here full-time for the season, sharing her unprecedented access to the best of everything via her new website—DanielleHamptons.com—and, naturally, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. Here, a taste of what’s to come!

So you’re a distant cousin of Dan’s. What was that like growing up?
I never really knew him that well. Maybe at a family gathering or an event in the Hamptons we would say hi, but we didn’t spend a lot of time together. He’s a lot older than me! Don’t tell him I said that.

Did you spend a lot of time here growing up?
Every weekend, holiday, school break and summers I made a beeline to our house in Sag Harbor. I was born in the city, but this is my happy place. I come out to decompress and to breathe. I don’t think I would make it doing what I do without this escape. And it’s even great in the fall and winter.  So many people really miss that message.

Speaking of, what does your city-self do all day?
I have a PR firm. We represent clients across the board—fashion, beauty, fitness, lifestyle. Food and wine…it always comes back to wine, doesn’t it?

It does! And when you’re in the Hamptons, what do you like to do?
Everything! I spend time with my friends and family. I go to the beach; I go out for dinner and drinks. I go to events (when I want to). I read, I shop, I entertain. I live my life, and I love it.

Any funny entertaining stories? Any epic fails?
I think whenever you try to go too fancy, you fail. I once tried a whole salt-crusted snapper, and it didn’t work out. The beauty here is that there’s always backup.

Your favorite backup?
Citarella, Loaves & Fishes. Inviting a friend who’s a chef…

Lucky you! You do seem to know a lot of people…
It’s a mix of growing up spending so much time here and what I do. I’m very lucky. I have a lot of close friends who are very talented. We’re all here for each other. And we have so much fun.

Tips for avoiding party disasters?
Create a signature drink that’s prepped in advance, and plan on food that can be served at room temperature, buffet style. Cut flowers from your own yard, and voila! Everybody’s happy!

So the new endeavor this summer, what prompted it? Not enough on your plate?
Ha, right. I’m not busy enough. No, I felt like there were just so many times I was talking to friends about things I was doing, or shopping finds, a new trainer, a favorite new cocktail, etc. They all wanted to know about it. So I thought, why not? I’m really just sharing what I do. And my take on things. Naughty or nice! It’s an opportunity to be creative. And I’m excited to hear about what other people are finding, doing, loving this summer, too!

So you want reader input?
Absolutely. I think that makes it more fun. Then it’s a conversation, not a speech. I’m not teaching a class. School’s out.

What can we expect to read about?
Oh, everything from parties and charity events to restaurant openings, pop-up shops, fun summer trends. Beauty tips, from lipstick to lip injections. Girl talk. Everything we all talk about at brunch, or late at night, over rosé.

You know how many times I’ve ended up sleeping over at a friend’s because we stayed up so late talking about this or that? It’s all fun stuff—I’m not taking myself too seriously.

Is anything off limits?
In my life, or on DanielleHamptons.com?

Why would you limit yourself? Limits are boring. Why not experience it all, and then decide what you do, and maybe don’t, want to do again? That’s how you learn.

Are you asking if anybody’s safe? The answer is no. I like a good laugh as much as the next girl. If you’re going to do something ridiculous, why shouldn’t everyone have a laugh?

How do people find you?
I’ll be posting every day, multiple times a day when I’m busy, and when I find things that are worth sharing. You can see everything I’m doing and loving on DanielleHamptons.com, and @DanielleHamptons on Instagram and Facebook for a quick hit, and also @daniehamptons on Twitter. I can’t wait to see everyone and hear from them all summer long! It’s going to be an unforgettable season in the Hamptons.

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