OCEARCH Tags Immature Great White Shark ‘Gurney’ off Montauk

OCEARCH tagged an immature, 4-foot 5-inch, 61.6-pound great white shark just off the coast of Gurney’s resort in Montauk last Saturday, August 12. Appropriately named “Gurney,” the great white is one of several sharks tagged during a recent OCEARCH expedition (on day 7) off Montauk.

Known for tagging sharks and allowing anyone to track them in real time via their website, ocearch.org, OCEARCH is a leading generator of critical scientific data and biological studies of keystone marine species, done in conjunction with conservation outreach and education. The organization has received a great deal of press for their tracking of Mary Lee, a large great white shark who often swims off Long Island and along the East Coast.

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If you watch the video closely, you’ll see OCEARCH is feeding water through Gurney’s gills in order to keep the shark comfortable and breathing throughout the stressful—yet important for the health of his species—ordeal. Since Gurney was tagged, he’s traveled 121.209 miles along Long Island’s South Shore, and is currently hanging out off the coast of Fire Island, where recently documented massive bunker schools are likely providing quite a feast.

Watch Gurney’s progress at ocearch.org/profile/gurney/.

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