Sag Harbor’s Danny Peary Gets Far More Than 15 Minutes of Fame

Danny Peary
Danny Peary, Photo: Barbara Lassen

Dan’s Papers contributing writer, Sag Harbor’s Danny Peary is a busy man.

For starters, the 1980 anthology he wrote with his brother, Gerald Peary, The American Animated Cartoon: A Critical Anthology was just reissued this week.

Californian filmmaker Brian Sauer and his two-man crew recently spent two days with Peary shooting a documentary about the impact his nine movie books (published between 1978 and 1993) have had on filmmakers, critics and fans. Peary is best known for his three Cult Movies books, Guide for the Film Fanatic and Alternate Oscars, though his bestseller to date is the anthology Close-Ups: The Movie Star Book.

Peary is now back from three days in Canton, Ohio—just prior to the Pro Football Hall of Fame inductions—working as the writer-researcher of The James Brown Show. So far, they’ve taped 11 episodes, with such guests as Joe Namath, Jim Brown, Tony Dungy, Eric Dickerson, Emmitt Smith, Lawrence Taylor, Franco Harris and Mean Joe Greene. The James Brown Show will have its first telecast on September 16, on CBS in the New York area.

Peary is also at work on Ali on Ali, a Muhammad Ali quotes book, with the boxing great’s daughter Hana Ali.

You can read Peary’s regular interview column, Danny Peary Talks To…, where he chats with stars and creators of independent film—including subjects such as One Mississippi star John Rothman; Diane Lane of Paris Can Wait; The Lovers star Debra Winger; and the late Nelsan Ellis, best known as Lafayette on HBO’s True Blood, among many others—on’s Blog Du Jour.

Danny Peary has published a total 25 books on film and sports.


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