Tinder Box: Dating App Exec Rents in the Hamptons

Tinder Hamptons rental
Swipe right on a Hamptons summer rental! Photo: Tanatat Ariyapinyo/123RF

Tinder is not a dating site. It’s a hook-up site, where, as we used to say, you two should get a room. Or you six.

A VIP perk on Tinder is called Tinder Select. It’s by invitation only. And at this level, it seems, VIPs get to hook up not in a room but in a posh oceanfront mansion somewhere. How about Montauk? This summer, an executive at Tinder reportedly rented a grand oceanfront mansion on the Old Montauk Highway for the month of July, paying $135,000. It is about a stone’s throw from the home that Bernie Madoff owned back in the day.

Over the weekend of July 14 to 16 and the weekend following, the house was reportedly visited by police and town enforcement officers multiple times. You can’t hold a big party without a permit. You can’t make so much noise it disturbs the neighbors. And not that this happened, but just so you know, you can’t sleep, for example, 25,000 people in a home that only has 127 bedrooms, even if they don’t actually sleep. And they must be blood relatives, most of them.

Among the things police observed when they were there was the dismantling of a wigwam and a clothing rack, both on a lawn. Don’t come knockin’ when the van is rockin’ says the car sticker.

The town authorized its attorneys to seek an injunction that would prevent more such parties at the house. A Tinder lawyer and the town have been in touch, it was reported, and now it seems there might be a private resolution of all this without involving the courts.

It reminds me of a not-so-long-ago mansion in Sebonac that had been built in the 1919 as a lavish home for the Sabin family, but was sold in 1949 and turned into a “retreat” for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union No 3. They called it Bayberry Land. Be good and you got to go to the Southampton House. (Today the property is the Sebonack Golf Club.) Well, I guess the Ten Commandments get involved here. Doing excellent electrical work is good. Drinking and carrying on gets you turned into a pillar of salt. Or something.

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