i-hamptons Brings Likeminded Local Entrepreneurs Together

i-hamptons founder Ashley John Heather and entrepreneur Cuatro Tulson
i-hamptons founder Ashley John Heather and entrepreneur Cuatro Tulson, Photo: Courtesy i-hamptons

i-hamptons—a new highway? Well, not for cars, at least.

The Hamptons community is known for its beaches, entertainment and beautiful homes, but rarely do people think of the Hamptons as a hub for innovation. However, under the cover of celebrities and charity events, more and more entrepreneurs are drawn to the Hamptons lifestyle to build their businesses.

Are you an entrepreneur, interested in innovation, or a business leader looking for local talent and ways to grow your business? If so, i-hamptons, a new organization, could be something to check out. Recently founded by serial entrepreneur Ashley John Heather, i-hamptons aims to bring together all of the innovators on the East End into a community of thought leaders, entrepreneurs and business leaders.

In just a few months, i-hamptons has already cultivated a community of 400 members and hosted its inaugural event. In addition to hosting events, i-hamptons plans to open several co-working spaces dedicated to innovation, create an investment fund targeting local businesses and even build affordable housing for the next generation of entrepreneurs.

“Our goal at i-hamptons is provide all the resources needed for the Hamptons to become known as a hub of innovation,” said Heather. “But not in the traditional, seasonal serviced-based industries. We’re focused on businesses where innovation is disrupting industries like media and publishing, health and wellness, and hospitality. There are tremendous opportunities to support new, year-round businesses that can create a more diverse local economy.”

Local entrepreneur and i-hamptons member Mickey Beyer-Clausen, Co-founder & CEO of Mental Workout Inc., says, “The Hamptons offer an incredible year-round lifestyle for young families, but it’s a tough place to start a technology startup. We need a community—and a physical place—to synergize with other entrepreneurs and avoid feeling isolated.”

“My dream is to connect together the smart and driven 20- and 30-somethings with successful business executives who may be running businesses from the Hamptons, or have retired here,” says Heather. “Once we have a vibrant community in place, we’ll focus on creating exciting and innovative work spaces, like those in many major cities. As self-driving cars become more ubiquitous over the next five to 10 years, and more jobs are driven by the digital economy, resort towns will become an even more attractive option from which to start new businesses. We want to make sure we’re here to help those businesses find talented staff, get the financial support they need and grow the local economy.”

“As young entrepreneurs who made the move to the Hamptons, we’re excited to be part of this new and supportive community for which there is a growing need,” says Tal Berke and Stephanie Cummings, Co-Founders of the Shlocker. “Since we joined i-hamptons, we have met many like-minded people, and there is a general sense of collaboration that spans several unique industries.”

Learn more at i-hamptons.com, or email them for ideas, membership and ways to get involved at [email protected].

i-hamptons is holding its next event on Monday, September 18, at 6 p.m. at Southampton Social Club, 256 Elm Street in Southampton. The event will include a panel of New York venture capitalists and local angel investors. It is sponsored by Silicon Valley Bank. Discussions and speakers will focus on how to raise money for your start-up business. This free event is a must for anyone who wants to set-up their own business or has as fast growing business on the East End and needs additional support.

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