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Who Ever Heard of a Cat Park? Cat vs. Dog Protests Erupt in Sag Harbor

Amagansett was the scene of angry demonstrations over the weekend as cat fanciers and dog lovers staged competing protests over a park now under construction in Sag Harbor. At issue were plans for a dogs-only area in the new public space.

Hamptons Police Department officers were on hand to monitor the protests.

“Why should dogs get all of the prime real estate?” shouted self-described “cat lady and proud of it” Rhona Farjeon. “They basically own the sidewalks in this town already!,” she continued.

Dog owners, meanwhile, professed surprise that their plans would be at all controversial. “Who ever heard of a cat park?” asked Bert Murphy, who spearheaded the efforts to build the new dog park. “Cats don’t even like to congregate. I’m not sure why we’re having this debate.”

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