Sag Harbor Parking Limits Now Defined by Vehicle Worth

Lamborghini Gallardo
Parking permitted ... Photo: Patryk Kośmider/123RF

The Sag Harbor Commissariat of Parking issued new rules for parking in the congested village this week.

Going forward, the Commissariat announced, parking limits will be based on what vehicles are worth and/or their overall rarity and cache, which usually coincides with monetary value.

For example, a Rolls Royce Phantom will be entitled to stay in a prime Main Street parking spot for up to 12 hours, whereas a Dodge Grand Caravan will be allowed to stay in the same or similar spot for a maximum of 15 minutes.

Mercedes Benz models, depending on location and what model class they fall into, will typically be allowed between 4 and 7 hours in a village spot, while most Ford models will get between 30 and 45 minutes.

A complete guide to cars, years 1908–2018 (from the original Model T to the newest hotness), will be made available free to residents, or at a cost of $25 to non-residents, in the coming months. The Sag Harbor library will also keep several copies on hand for perusal in the reference section, but removal from the premises will not be permitted.

“Ignorance of the law or of the particulars hours and fines associates with one’s car will not be an acceptable excuse,” Hamptons Police Department spokesman Larry Hirsch says, noting that HPD and the Sag Harbor Commissariat of Parking are “working together closely toward a seamless transition.”

Violators will be towed, with more expensive cars being brought to Havens Beach while lower-value cars will be taken to an impound in Coram.

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