Jerry Seinfeld vs. Jimmy Fallon Stand-Up Battle: Who Was the Better Seinfeld?

Jimmy Fallon interviews Stand-Up Battle opponent Jerry Seinfeld
Jimmy Fallon interviews Stand-Up Battle opponent Jerry Seinfeld, Photo: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Amagansett’s Jerry Seinfeld faced off against fellow comedian and Hamptonite Jimmy Fallon in a Tonight Show Stand-Up Battle on Thursday. The funnymen performed a series of Seinfeld’s comedy bits in order to see who does a better impression of Jerry Seinfeld. Can you guess who won?

As the contest got underway, Fallon explained the rules: Each comic would hit a button to see which of a rotating list of Seinfeld’s routines they would perform, and then get onstage and offer their best attempt at Seinfeld, with the help of cue cards.

Seinfeld kicked things off as himself doing his “Wait Up” bit, pointing out how kids use the word “up” all the time while parents use the word “down.” And we’ve got to hand it to him—Seinfeld was a fairly convincing Seinfeld. But Fallon, who is a master impressionist, was not going down without a fight.

Fallon landed on Seinfeld’s “Star Wars” bit and, as expected, he too was a brilliant Seinfeld. Game on!

The contest continued through a few more bits until a winner was crowned. Watch the video below to see who won.

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