A Look Back: 2017 Dan’s Papers Cover Art By the Numbers

A selection of 2017 Dan's Papers cover art
A selection of 2017 Dan’s Papers cover art

Each week of the year Dan’s Papers produces a new issue with a beautiful new cover featuring paintings by a variety of mostly local artists. Some are world famous. Some have carved out a niche as regular cover art contributors. And others are among the emerging artists who often receive their first spark of recognition in our pages.

Do you know who produced the painting for the first Dan’s Papers issue to feature original artwork on the cover? Find the answer below.

Did you know that we reach out to all the artists for our Honoring the Artist interview, which can found in Dan’s Papers and at DansPapers.com every week? While preparing for what is sure to be another stunning year of covers in 2018, we poured over our 2017 Dan’s Papers covers and artists, and tried to quantify what we found.

Here are the 2017 Dan’s Papers covers in 17 numbers.

52—number of covers featuring original artwork

46—number of Honoring the Artist interviews conducted by Dan’s Papers editors

30—number of years since Elaine de Kooning’s first cover

29—number of female artists in 2017

19—age of the youngest cover artist from 2017, and possibly the youngest everCailey McKenna (October 27)

23—number of male artists in 2017

10—interviews conducted by Summer Editor, Jordan Green

6—beach scenes

5—snow scenes

5—number of artists featured more than once

4—number of covers by Mickey Paraskevas, who also creates The Green Monkeys, our weekly comic strip.

3—iconic Hamptons landmarks (excluding the Sag Harbor Cinema).

3—number of times Sag Harbor Cinema was on the cover: Curt Hoppe (1/7),Barbara Hadden (2/25), Richard Sygar (9/09)

3—number of times a tree was featured on the cover. Interestingly these were all within six weeks of each other.

3—artists named Barbara, one Barbara Hadden; one Barbara Grey; the other, Barbara Prey. The latter two were featured in consecutive weeks and caused much confusion to the editors.

2—number of times lobsters were featured.

1—number of times Dan Rattiner was on the cover riding a lobster

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