My Hamptons: Hilaria Baldwin – Author, Yogi, Mom

Hilaria Baldwin strikes a pose
Hilaria Baldwin strikes a pose

Hilaria Baldwin somehow manages to fit it all in. Mom to three children—Carmen, 4, Rafael, 2, and Leonardo, 1—with another on the way, she’s a yoga guru, author and social media maven. She married Alec Baldwin in 2012, and last summer they renewed their vows at their beloved Amagansett home. A native of Mallorca, Spain, Hilaria is a committed New Yorker now, and although she says she misses the year-round warm weather, the holiday season in the Hamptons brings its own special warmth.

Behind the Hedges: Had you ever been to the Hamptons before you met Alec?

Hilaria Baldwin: No. In hindsight, it seems like it sounded like a fancy place. But when I met Alec, I worked 365 days a year. Since I worked every day, it was a real struggle for Alec to get me out to the Hamptons, but once he did, I immediately fell in love with the place. It’s our little paradise.

Things are different now, of course, with three kids and Alec frequently doing SNL. It’s a real schlep to get all the children in the car and load up all their stuff, and then someone inevitably has to go to the bathroom. But I have this new invention, a disposable potty to keep in the car. I don’t know, being pregnant, I might need to use it myself sometime!

BTH: What are some of the things you like to do out here, either alone, with the children or with Alec?

HB: I rarely ever get to be alone! And really, when I’m pregnant, I’m never alone. But if I can, I like to go running or jog on the beach, barefoot. I also love the BARN on Butter Lane in Bridgehampton. Sometimes I like to go to the spa and get my nails done—these days I have to space out my manicures and pedicures as long as possible—but now Carmen wants to come with me, so that’s not really alone time either.

Alec and I like to go out to eat after the kids are in bed. Our top favorite is Highway Restaurant. Their kale salad is delicious and they have amazing fish. I usually order pasta there. Another favorite is the new Wölffer Kitchen in Amagansett, which is incredible.

BTH: You renovated your Amagansett home so that each of your three children have bedrooms the same size. Now what happens, since you’re expecting a fourth?

HB: We might have to do one more renovation! Maybe we’ll add another seven rooms or so. We’ll have three boys and one girl. Carmen wants a sister, so we might have more children in the future. They’re all so small now—we’re not sure what we’re getting into!

My fur-babies, too, love the Hamptons. There’s plenty of room for them to run around. They’re tiny little dogs, but they love to chase deer. Their ancient wolf instincts come out! You have to wonder, what would my dogs do if they actually caught one?

BTH: With three children, one on the way, and a busy career, do you ever get any rest?

HB: It’s all about a healthy balance. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, but you need to keep your perspective. Yes, stuff is going to happen and nothing is going to be perfect. I keep my expectations low. That said, I love life, love to seize the day, and I love sleep.

BTH: What do you love about celebrating the holiday season here in the Hamptons?

HB: I recently took Carmen to East Hampton Gardens, which is magical. We picked out a few Christmas ornaments. We’ll head over to the Montauk Lighthouse while it’s still lit for the season. We go to church on Christmas Eve at St Luke’s, next to Guild Hall. We love to decorate our house: the tree, hanging stockings. In the city, we have a city-sized tree, but in Amagansett we have plenty of room. We love to take the children to meet Santa—it’s so sweet!

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