Unpaid Leaf Cleanup Bill Leads to Blowback in Springs

Raking leaves
Photo: Aleksandar Tomic/123RF

A Springs man who came home two weeks ago to find a drone leaf blower clearing his lawn without permission, and who failed to pay for the unauthorized service, got a nasty surprise this past Tuesday.

On Sunday, Fred Wilkins says, he had raked his lawn and piled the leaves on the street in front of his home for the village to collect. On Tuesday night, he returned from work to find all of the leaves blown back onto his lawn. He immediately thought back to the drone leaf blower that tried to charge him $250 for an unsolicited cleanup just last month.

“This is their revenge for my not paying that bill,” Wilkins claims. “I’m being persecuted because I prefer to rake my own leaves. It’s not fair!”

Police are investigating, but have so far been unable to identify the drone’s operator or directly connect him to the errant leaves.

In related news, Hamptons officials report the drone leaf blower ban is still in effect, but they are coming close to a new set of regulations that could open the door for these devices to resume operations legally on the South Fork. They have been under increasing pressure from drone leaf blower manufacturers who have threatened to sue for damages directly related to the ban.

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