Showtime’s ‘The Affair’ Returns with Season 4 on June 17

New cast portraits for 'The Affair' Season 4
New cast portraits for 'The Affair' Season 4, Photos: Steven Lippman/Showtime

Showtime announced Friday that their Golden Globewinning, Montauk-set drama series The Affair will return with Season 4 on Sunday, June 17 at 9 p.m. It has been reported that this will be the final season of the popular series.

The show, which features Montauk heavily—and is actually filmed there—concluded its dark third season with some redemption for Noah Solloway (Dominic West). One of four main characters from the two destroyed marriages at the center of The Affair, Noah endured a difficult stint in prison, which is recounted in flashbacks throughout Season 3, but it turns out things weren’t exactly as they appeared from his point of view. He spends some time working in the world of academia and finds a new love interest in sexy French college professor, Juliette (Irène Jacob), but his life falls completely apart before Noah finally confronts a painful secret from his past and begins to heal. As Season 3 concludes, he’s finally won back some love and respect from daughter Whitney (Julia Goldani Telles), who had an interesting arc of her own in Season 3.

Meanwhile, Noah’s ex-wife Helen (Maura Tierney) spent Season 3 pining over and obsessing about him at the expense of her own relationships, despite Noah having essentially no interest in her beyond what she can do for him at any given time.

Alison (Ruth Wilson)—who left her first husband, Cole Lockhart (Joshua Jackson) to be with and eventually marry (then split with) Noah—is recovering from an emotional breakdown in Season 3 and trying to win back at least shared custody of her daughter, who was conceived during a fling with Cole while still married to Noah. She does finally get herself back in Cole’s good graces—maybe a little too good.

For his part, Cole tried to be a strong family man and good husband to new wife Luisa (Catalina Sandino Moreno) but it doesn’t go exactly as he’d hoped. He can’t seem to resist the draw of his first love and the mother of his daughter.

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According to Showtime’s announcement, Season 4 finds the show’s main four characters—Noah, Helen, Alison and Cole—in their own orbits, alienated from each other, spinning further and further away from where they all began. Every character is involved in a new relationship, forcing them each to decide if they’re ready and willing to leave the past behind for good. It’s being hailed as “a season about new beginnings, tragic ends and the ever-elusive possibility of forgiveness.”

Sanaa Lathan (Love & Basketball) joins the cast as Jenelle, the tough-as-nails principal of the charter school where Noah now teaches. Ramon Rodriguez (Gang Related) stars as Alison’s new love interest Ben, a Marine veteran now employed by the VHA. Additional Season 4 guest stars include Russell Hornsby, Christopher Meyer, Amy Irving and Phoebe Tonkin.

So far, Showtime has given no indication that Juliette or Luisa will be returning for the new season.

The Affair is currently in production in New York and Los Angeles. Hopefully they’ll also be shooting in Montauk.

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