Catching White Perch Somewhere in the Hamptons…

Check out this video from new Hamptons fishing vlogger Tim Regan, aka South Fork Salt. He’s just getting started and doesn’t have much in the way of views yet, but we’re always glad to support local people being creative and sharing their passions. An ocean lifeguard and fisherman, Regan has filmed videos in various lovely local spots where he catches largemouth bass and, here, white perch—plus a barracuda while surfcasting in the Florida Keys.

Here, he catches some pudgy perch in a serene, early morning scene somewhere in the Hamptons. Perch aren’t easy to find on our shores and, as Regan says to one viewer who asks for his fishing spot: 

“Most of the people I’ve seen targeting white perch kill as many fish as they can. This catch-and-kill mentality has led to the annihilation of perch populations in multiple LI water bodies. For that reason, I don’t reveal my spots. I can tell you how to find them though. Use a map to find places where freshwater connects with saltwater. The fresh and salt water bodies are usually separated by a “choke point,” most commonly a bridge. Check the incoming high tide at those spots. They’ll rarely refuse artificial baits (grubs, fish, etc.) on 1/16oz to quarter ounce jig heads, and tins of the same size. You will succeed if you check the right spots as often as possible from December-April. Google was my most useful tool in finding white perch.”

We really dig the beautiful East End scenery in these videos—not to mention the shoutout to Goldberg’s Bagels! Keep it going and keep it local, South Fork Salt.

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