Sarah Jessica Parker and Jimmy Fallon Talk Marriage, Mad Lib Theater

Sarah Jessica Parker and Jimmy Fallon play Mad Lib Theater
Sarah Jessica Parker and Jimmy Fallon play Mad Lib Theater, Photo: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Bridgehampton’s Sarah Jessica Parker had much to say about marriage and more during her recent appearance on Sagaponack resident Jimmy Fallon‘s Tonight Show this week, but her round of Mad Lib Theater was definitely the standout moment.

When Fallon and Parker sat down to chat, she talked about the Eagles’ first Super Bowl victory—after the game finally helped her understand football—and segued into sharing the secret to her 21-year marriage to Matthew Broderick. “I think it was just exciting for the country,” Parker said about the Super Bowl before Fallon asked about her husband.

“What’s the secret for staying together for 20 years?” Fallon asked, after noting how much he loves her and Broderick. “Not talking about it,” Parker said, adding that it’s important to remember “the things that don’t matter, don’t matter.” That’s deep, bro.

Of course Parker’s TV counterpart on HBO’s Divorce has just finished her, well, divorce in Season 2.

During the Mad Lib Theater bit, Fallon and Parker sat at a romantic dinner table and Fallon asked her to fill in various blanks—as you do in Mad Libs—for a story to come. Questions included “type of car,” “type of food,” “place you go for fun,” “chain restaurant,” “famous singer” and many more.

The result, was a lot of fun.

Parker’s Divorce airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on HBO.

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