No, he’s not right about arming teachers with guns to help prevent another Parkland massacre. Arming teachers is the worst dumb-ass idea Trump has had, in what has been a lifetime of dumb-ass ideas. But his idea about arming some people with guns is a good one.

That’s why I’m suggesting we take away all security details around the president, Congress, and every politician in the country. No cops. No Secret Service. Leave the White House and the front of Congress completely empty of security—much like every school in the country which our kids and grandkids attend every day.

To put this more simply, why is a congressman like creepy Mitch McConnell or a cranky old coot like Bernie Sanders more important than my grandchildren or your children and grandchildren? Why should we pay one penny to protect them, while they ignore the safety of our children and grandchildren, whom we love a helluva lot more?

I say, as Trump suggests, that we issue handguns to any congressperson or White House official who wants one, and let them try to shoot it out with a crazy coming at them with an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle spitting 13.3 bullets per second.

And when would these politicians get their security details back? When sales of AR-15 semiautomatic guns are banned.

The AR-15 must be barred from use. Kudos to Dick’s Sporting Goods, which will immediately end sales of assault-style rifles and high-capacity magazines at all of its stores and ban the sale of all guns that are not typically used for hunting. Compliments to Walmart and a number of other stores, which also will no longer sell these instruments of death.

To get rid of the AR-15 we must fight the National Rifle Association, which owns many of our politicians. This is the same NRA that maintains it’s a constitutional right for crazies to kill helpless innocent children in their schools.

What the NRA is saying is that our children are collateral damage to maintaining the Second Amendment. Bullcrap. The Second Amendment reads: “The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

That applied to what was known in 1776 as a single-shot Brown Bess Musket, and it did not say anything about semiautomatic weapons. Or, if one wants to loosely interpret those words, why can’t everyone have a tank with a 183mm cannon in their backyard as an even better way to bear arms? Perhaps then the NRA would change its name to the NRTA, the National Rifle and Tank Association.

Here’s what we must do get the AR-15 out of the hands of the mentally ill.

First, we must convince the millions of gun owners that no one wants to take away their handguns, hunting rifles, etc. I think the mistake that most anti-gun groups make is they want to ban all guns, and that’s just not going to happen.

Yes, we can tighten laws and make it harder for a mental case to get any kind of gun, but that won’t work as well as cooperating with the millions of gun owners (a quarter of Americans own all the guns in the nation), and getting their help in removing the AR-15, a move that will save lives.

Why not have some intelligent congressperson (Are you listening, Congressman Peter King?) introduce a bipartisan bill that would outlaw the AR-15, with an amendment that guarantees ownership of hunting rifles and handguns by every American for a thousand years? Let’s not forget many of these gun owners have school-age children of their own, and the last thing they want is any harm to come to their children at the hands of a mental case with an AR 15.

We must defeat the powerful NRA on this issue.

How? By making the many politicians the NRA owns more afraid of the voters than of this gun lobby.

My first choice for a politician we must knock out of the Senate is Marco Rubio (R-FL). This is embarrassing, since Rubio was my first choice for president in 2016. I was so, so wrong. His actions following the Parkland massacre were deplorable.

Rubio, in a “humma . . . humma . . .” stumbling bumbling defense of the AR-15, tried to convince the parents of dead children that a semiautomatic-weapons ban wouldn’t have saved any Parkland students, and a ban would be generally impossible in 2018 America. Oh, by the way, Rubio’s bosses at the NRA have contributed $3.3 million to his campaigns.

Want an idea for a TV commercial the next time Rubio runs for office? How about a 12-year-old kid looking into the camera, saying: “If I am killed by an AR-15 weapon in the hands of a crazy person while I’m at school, it will be the fault of my parents or any child’s parents who vote for Marco Rubio. The NRA owns Marco Rubio and that’s why he’s the official defender of the AR-15.”

Let’s listen to the kids from Parkland and kids from every high school in America. They’re under the gun. One of these kids who was shot at in Parkland is worth a thousand of these politicians who are receiving a handout from the NRA.

On Long Island, Rep. Lee Zeldin received $56,281 from the NRA. The next time he runs, ask him what he thinks of the AR-15. Once we get rid of the AR-15 and we cut the sales of all AR-15 ammo, let’s call on the United States government or Michael Bloomberg or whomever to offer to buy all the AR-15 guns in existence at $5000 per gun.

For those people who have to give up the AR-15 they used for target practice, let’s set up government-owned AR-15 target sites where anyone can go and fire a government-owned AR-15 until they can turn a paper target into confetti or until they have an orgasm.

There will still be gun incidents with crazies invading schools. But if getting rid of the AR-15’s capacity to kill so many so fast results in saving just one child’s life—it will be worth it.

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