Arbor Day Reminds Us to Care for Our Trees, for Safety and Beauty

large trees on green grass lawn and garden
Protect the health of your trees on Arbor Day! Photo: Ekarin Apirakthanakorn/123RF

Americans across the country will celebrate Arbor Day today, Friday, April 27, 2018.

Founded by nature lovers J. Sterling Morton and his wife, Arbor Day celebrates our love for trees. As editor of a newspaper, Mr. Morton was able to reach a wide audience of people concerned with nature. He not only encouraged individual planters, but inspired civic groups and communities to join in the celebration. He stressed the importance of trees, shrubs and flowers—not only for their beauty, but because they provide shade and cleaner air, and help hold down soil where wind or erosion is a problem.

The very first Arbor Day was such a success that during the 1870s, more states adopted legislation observing Arbor Day. In 1882, schools across the country began celebrating with earth friendly activities and mass plantings. Today, nearly every country has dedicated a day, or even a week, to the protection, conservation and revival of our trees.

Adding trees and shrubs to your landscape has many benefits beyond shade and beauty. A properly placed tree can protect and insulate your home: The canopy provides protection from the sun’s heat and can deflect the wind.

Contact a certified arborist to do regular maintenance and inspection of your trees, keeping them healthy and safe. Seasonal pruning and nutrition are essential to the growth and efficiency of all the plant material on your property.

Remove, Why?
Although this seems counterintuitive on Arbor Day, removing trees can sometimes be a way to keep your property safe. Dead and dying trees are not only unsightly, they can pose a hazard and safety risk to your home and family. A tree can be full of leaves or needles and appear to be healthy, however, if the tree is structurally stressed, it can crack and fall, causing severe damage to people and property.

Trees filter both the air and soil, they prevent erosion and protect us from the weather. These are only some of the benefits trees and other woody plants bring us. They continue to give back to the planet and should be celebrated. Plantings, festivals and clean-ups are some of the eco-friendly activities that can take place during this time of celebration and renewal.

There are many great ways you and your family can get involved on Arbor Day this year and maximize all nature has to offer!

Bart L. Fusco established Fox Tree Service in 1976 and remains one of the few Registered Consulting Arborists on the East End. He directly oversees the work that his foremen and plant health care technicians perform on a day to day basis, carefully inspecting the properties of each and every Fox Tree client. For more information, visit

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