The Beer Buccaneer Tries Montauk Brewing Hop Blonde Ale

The Beer Buccaneer - Montauk Hop Blonde Ale from Brain Fuzz on Vimeo.

With five years in business behind them, hometown Hamptons beer maker Montauk Brewing Co. is getting national attention these days, including a recent appearance on quirky YouTube beer review show The Beer Buccaneer.

The “Ale or Fail?” show—which actually hasn’t yet aired on The Beer Buccaneer YouTube channel—popped up on content creator Brain Fuzz’s Vimeo last week with a brand new review of Montauk Brewing’s Hop Blonde Ale. They say it has a “nice blonde color” and a “biscuit-y, malty smell” with hints of coffee and toffee.

“It’s easy drinking,” one host declares, while the other adds, “It’s not super complex.”

Overall it’s a middling review, 2.5 out of 5, though the guys note the canned brew tastes more like a pilsner, and would get more love if it wasn’t called an ale.

What would you rate Montauk Brewing Co.’s Hop Blonde Ale?

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