Eco Alliance Honors Hamptons Billionaire for Solar Powered Fracking Sites

Marty DeMayo and some solar powered fracking machinery
Marty DeMayo and LoveOil are spearheading the solar-powered fracking movement, Photo: Goce Risteski, Gunter Nezhoda/123RF

Texas oil baron and part-time Hamptons resident Marty “Chubbs” DeMayo is being commended this month by the East End Eco Alliance for his great initiatives to support clean energy, specifically the recent companywide changeover to using only solar power to run his fracking operations in Michigan, West Virginia and Texas.

DeMayo had come under fire over the last three years for what environmentalists called “flagrant abuses of the planet on an unprecedented scale,” but the resilient billionaire says he finally saw the light. Within a short amount of time, he was taking steps to refit all his drilling rigs, wells, chemical trucks and on-site employee facilities to run on solar power.

“By 2020, not a single delivery of our biocides, proppants, buffers, breakers, gelling agents, surfactants—or anything else—will use any fossil fuels,” DeMayo says. “These trucks are as clean as they come.”

Further, the massive drilling rigs used to inject chemicals forcefully into the earth in order to extract oil and gas will no longer pollute the environment with the “outmoded” gas powered equipment, DeMayo promises. “It’s all coming clean and renewable straight from the sun,” he says. “We want to be a force for change in this industry that so desperately needs it.”

The East End Eco Alliance is holding a special dinner and gala in DeMayo’s honor at the Water Mill estate of EEEA board chair Louis Ganducky and his wife Maeve in July. The oil magnate and his company, LoveOil, will be given the EcoInnovator Clean Leadership Honor Award at the $2,000-per-plate benefit dinner on Saturday, July 7. All proceeds will go to supporting the East End Eco Alliance’s work in saving the environment nationwide, with a keen focus on the Peconic region.

“Martin DeMayo has taken great steps to clean up his act and frack responsibly, even in dumps like West Virginia and Michigan,” the EEEA announcement reads. “We’re absolutely thrilled to give this man the recognition in deserves for standing up to the ecologically hostile practices of his peers.”

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