East End Celebrities Channel Catholic Imagination at the 2018 Met Ball

Each year, the Metropolitan Museum of Art holds its fabulous Met Gala to benefit the museum’s incredible exhibits. The theme of this year’s exhibit, which runs through October 8, is Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. At the gala, celebrity guests are encouraged to participate in the annual theme; while some choose to stick to basic black tie attire, others go all out, achieving fantastical, experimental looks that are rarely seen outside of Fashion Week.

Check out what East Enders and a few others too gorgeously dressed to ignore wore in the slideshow above, and read some of our thoughts below.

Water Mill’s Jennifer Lopez dazzled in Balmain and Tiffany & Co. jewels. Her simple black Jimmy Choo heels and clutch did well not to pull focus from from the wide-mesh sleeves, feathery train and jeweled cross on her chest.

Southamptonite Brooke Shields chose not to lean into the Catholic theme, instead wearing a simple, blue Zac Posen dress with a thick diamond collar and earrings courtesy of Tiffany & Co.

Shelter Islander Andy Cohen rocked a dazzling gold jacket, which he ditched prematurely, and matching loafers with his white tux. Bridgehamptonite Sarah Jessica Parker‘s elaborate gold dress and nativity scene head dress paired nicely with Cohen’s outfit, both Dolce & Gabbana, while ultimately stealing the spotlight.

What Anne Hathaway‘s Valentino dress lacked in a flattering silhouette, it made up for in a rich, beautiful red that complimented Hathaway’s features nicely. Her Madonna-like hairpiece was a clever way to fit the gala’s theme without being too over the top.

Speaking of Madonna, the Bridgehampton Material Girl dressed much more conservatively than years passed and looked regal in a jeweled crown and a dress courtesy of Louis Vuitton by Marc Jacobs. While Jean Paul Gaultier‘s ensemble looks like a boring tuxedo at first glance, it contains a clerical collar to perfectly tie in to the night’s theme. He even kept a cross in hand for an added bit of spirit.

Michael Kors styled East Ender Naomi Watts without much regard to the theme. Given what he’s wearing that should come as no surprise, but the two pull off classic red carpet looks anyway.

North Fork fan Lena Dunham got a bit of heat for bashing the Met Gala, and then making an appearance in an eccentric gold dress, but so what? She attended, looked great, made nice, and that’s all that really matters.

Hamptonite Michael Bloomberg and his partner Diana Taylor looked lovely together despite the contrast in outfits. She embodied a Greek goddess, and he looked like a rich CEO.

Amagansett’s Scarlett Johansson looked effortless in a maroon ombre dress with floral detailing by Marchesa. It’s certainly a change of pace from the tight, leather outfits Avengers fans are accustomed to.

Marvel’s most recent addition to the Avengers, Chadwick Boseman, put the other male attendees to shame in papal regalia by Versace. It’s no wonder this regal dresser was cast as the king of Wakanda.

He’s not the only one who dress like the pope though, Rihanna‘s interpretation pushed the bling to the max. Her glamorous Mason Margiela dress paired with Christian Louboutin heels, Judith Leiber Couture clutch and jewelry by Maria Tash and Cartier deserve a silver medal for going above and beyond to match the religious theme.

The gold medal, however, belongs to Katy Perry, who after making amends with her religious parents, ascended to the heavens to learn the way of the angels. Or at least, that’s the only logical explanation to how managed to find that breathtaking Versace dress and wings.

Mastic’s Anna Wintour took a more down-to-Earth approach, opting to wear a lovely, sheer Chanel dress.

On the other end of the boldness spectrum, Zendaya channeled the knights of the Inquisition with metal armor and a chainmail dress crafted by Atelier Versace.

Nicki Minaj was equally stunning in a gorgeous red Oscar de la Renta dress and Tiffany & Co. jewelry. Although, I can’t help but wonder how many people stepped on that wide train.

Stephen Colbert and Sagaponack’s Jimmy Fallon may be bold comedians, but their suits were anything but. Colbert gets points for at least donning an interesting print, but why go to a themed gala without attempting to match the theme?

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