Guessing Hamptons Celebrities’ Covert Security Codenames

Hamptons celebrity codenames in hotel guestbook
Photo: geopappas/123RF

It is widely known that the Secret Service uses covert codenames for U.S. presidents, first ladies and prominent persons. The reason for these practices is evident, however they are not created by the Secret Service, but by the White House Communications Agency (WHCA).

For instance, John F. Kennedy was known as Lancer and Jacqueline was Lace. Ronald Reagan was Rawhide and Nancy was Rainbow. Bill Clinton was Eagle and Hillary was Evergreen. Donald and Melania Trump are known as Mogul and Muse.

You may notice a pattern here—spouse code names always share the same first letter, which is by design. This is also true for their children.

More and more, for their protection, we now see the same level of security, although typically not supported by the federal government, used by Hamptons celebrities and persons of interest.

So, during a recent night of over-celebration, several Southampton self-proclaimed geniuses and I came up with our own codenames for a handful of local Hamptons celebrities. A few of them might surprise you, as the names may reveal a previously unknown factoid.

Yankee Sitter: Martha Stewart (She used to babysit the kids of former Yankees Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra and Gil McDougald.)

Mr. Lewis: Richard Gere (He played Mr. Edward Lewis in Pretty Woman.)

Mexican Cutie: Jimmy Buffett (This refers to the tattoo in his song “Margaritaville.”)

Psycho: Scarlett Johansson (She played woman with psychokinetic abilities in the 2014 film Lucy.)

Sex Worker: Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex and the City, of course.)

Superman: Jerry Seinfeld (Urban legend has it that every Seinfeld episode contained at least one Superman reference.)

Shockey: Howard Stern (The famous “shock jock.”)

No-Fat: Bethenny Frankel (Real Housewives of New York City star and creator of Skinny Girl Brand fame.)

Sirppy: Sir Paul McCartney (He’s been knighted.)

KMP: Kelly Maria Ripa (For her initials.)

Sweetie Pie: Katie Couric (She’s also known as America’s sweetheart.)

U-571: Jon Bon Jovi (He played Lieutenant Pete Emmett in the French-American war film U-571.)

Horseman: Ralph Lauren (Due to his Polo brand and its horse and polo player logo.)

Lipowitz: Lorne Michaels (He was born Lorne David Lipowitz.)

Raging River: Paul Simon (“Bridge Over Troubled Water”)

No Shoes: Ina Garten (The Barefoot Contessa!)

Wheelie-Popper: Billy Joel (He’s a motorcycle aficionado.)

ARB-3: Alexander Rae “Alec” Baldwin III (More initials.)

Big Fish: Steven Spielberg (Jaws)

Detached: Gwyneth Paltrow (She famously uncoupled from Chris Martin. This may change after she marries Brad Falchuk.)

Twenty-Five: Christie Brinkley (25 years—she has the longest running cosmetic contract of any model in history.)

108: Former Mayor Bloomberg (He’s the 108th mayor of New York City.)

LOL: Jimmy Fallon (For making people laugh out loud.)

Panama: Dan Rattiner (He doesn’t need security but wears a Panama hat—and also helps make decisions on whether or not my words make it to print!)

F.Y.I. – Code names were also used for specific locations. The U.S. Capitol was referred to as the Punchbowl, the Whitehouse Situation Room as the Cement Mixer, and the Waldorf Astoria Hotel as Roadhouse.

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